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Meet Rachel Riegel, our August Mom of the Month! In this series we feature a mom in our Village each month.

Tell us about your family: I live in Streetsboro with my husband, Joshua, and our almost 2 yr old, Eliza. We are expecting another little Riegel in February 2021! We also have a dog named Zoey and a cat named Hobbes who are best buddies.

Hometown: Mooresville, NC! I’ve been in Ohio for...

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If you asked me in February what I would be doing at the end of July, my answer would not have included, “Writing a blog about the challenging decisions regarding the return to school during a worldwide pandemic.” I’m fairly confident that none of us expected to be here. Yet, here we are, faced with what seems like a limitless collection of choices and decisions to make, and the “Mom-Guilt” associated with any of these options.



Tell us about your family: My husband Tom and I have been married for 8 years. It’s hard to believe that our family is now complete with three beautiful children. Lily is 5, Lincoln is 3 and Jacob is 1 year old. They all make my world go around and my life worth living. I can't believe how much I am blessed.

Hometown: Macedonia

Current/previous career: I am a pediatric...

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My name is Olivia Potash. I am a 34 year old mother to our son, Omri, who we adopted from birth in 2018 in Columbus. Omri is 100% Somali. We have an open relationship with our son’s birth mother.

When we began our adoption process in 2016, we were required to complete a series of trainings. One exercise that we completed during our training always sticks out in my mind. We were given a dixie cup and a pile of various colored beads. We...


Tell us about your family: I have been married to Nirav for 6 years and we have a lovely daughter Dhyana who will turn 2 in June.

Hometown: Mumbai, India. Nirav came for his masters at Cleveland State University in 2008 and has been in the States since then and I came here after our marriage.

Current/previous career: I am a Physical therapist by profession. Currently, I am a stay...


My 2019 started out on a high as I checked an item off of my bucket list and ran the Disney World Marathon. My body completed this amazing feat, and then it felt as if it was failing me. I had a chemical pregnancy and quickly became pregnant again. I hit the 12 week mark to learn baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. I had a missed miscarriage and scheduled a D&C. I was diagnosed with a partial molar pregnancy, which happens in about 1...


Meet Seasons Langham, our May Mom of the Month! In this series we feature a mom in our Village each month.

Tell us about your family: I will be married to Kyle for 8 years this August. We have been together for 13 years. We have Auriana who is 5 and Nolan who is 3. We also have Urban, our St Bernard, who is 6 and Bella, our Cairn Terrier, and she is 13.

Hometown: Shalersville,...


How are you doing, mama? We are in unprecedented times, in a world pandemic and in a time of uncertainty. Our focus has shifted to survival mode, and to what we can control, which is the present moment. What are we doing TODAY? How can I focus on TODAY? With daycares and schools closed, our children are home more than probably ever in their lives, and we are trying to cope. Whether you are juggling working your job from home or restricting...


Meet Charlotte Beers Plank, our April Mom of the Month! In this series we feature a mom in our Village each month.

Tell us about your family: I have been married to Aidan almost seven years, together for over 10! We have our sweet Charlie, who is 2.5, turning 3 this summer. We also have a snow-white cat, Lily, who is 6.5.

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut. I moved to Ohio in 2006 to attend...


So, your kids are home, bored, asking for snacks approximately every 5 seconds and you, momma, have SO much work to do. What now?

Hi! My name is Dawn Bobinski and I am a mom to three crazy, fun, amazing little boys named Emmett (4.5), Wyatt (3) and Bennett (6 months). I have been a work at home mom now for 4.5 years teaching high school science virtually. I completely understand the struggle and blessing of working from home with kids....