Jen T.

Stroller Strides helped me start to get fit and strong after the birth of my second child. Kara and the other moms were so supportive and encouraging! I attended while on maternity leave from work and was so inspired by the moms there who make the time to keep themselves healthy physically, mentally, and socially by coming to class. Not only do the babies and children get to see their mamas being healthy and strong, but they are highly entertained and get to socialize too! What an awesome concept to incorporate your children into your workout in a safe way.

It is really motivating to work out with your child (who is always watching) and Kara is very motivating too! She has a way of saying the words, "POWER WALK!" that makes you want to walk faster than you ever have before. Her exercises and activities are so creative, engaging, and challenging, and she provides different options for all levels of fitness, including new moms. I am so happy to have met Kara and all the other moms. I know I have gained a healthier body and some great new friends.