Outdoor Class Policies


We are Heading Outside!

We are ready to see you in real life! In-person Stroller Strides and Strides 360 classes resume July 6. We know how challenging these past few months have been, and we are here to help you get out of the house with your kids to work out.

In addition, we are still offering live virtual workouts 6 days per week for days you cannot make it or for those who are not quite ready to return to class just yet. Our on demand library of over 30 FIT4MOM workouts will also be included for workouts anywhere, anytime.

Check our class schedule for our outdoor and virtual offerings.

In accordance with the regulations of the CDC, WHO and local government, we have put some guidelines in place to try to keep you and everyone safe.

A few things to know about our FIT4MOM in-person classes:

· At least 10 feet of spacing between strollers/moms

· Limit class size to 9 Moms with kids in stroller + 1 Instructor with kids in stroller. Pre-enrollment in class is required to reserve a spot. Register here.

· Bad weather days will be virtual classes.

· No shared equipment. Please bring your own band/mat/water – Resistance bands are included with monthly membership plans and instructors will have new, sealed bands to sell at beginning of class.

· No partner exercises; no high fives, hugs, etc.

· No shared toys or snacks. Please bring snacks/toys for your kids.

· Children will be required to stay in the stroller for the duration of class unless worn by their mother in a carrier.

· Older children who do not fit in the stroller will be required to sit on a mat/towel or chair directly beside their mother throughout class, or off to the side of class at a distance greater than 10 ft from all participants. They will not be allowed to move around during class.

· We understand toddlers/kiddos will get cranky. We will do our best to sing and entertain them!

· Please be respectful. Everyone has their own comfort levels and are doing their best to figure out how to keep their families safe.

· The instructor will wear a mask at the beginning and end of class if something needs to be handed out or if social distancing is difficult to maintain.

· Masks do not need to be worn during class as we will keep 10 ft of distance at all times.

· We ask that you self-monitor for symptoms. Stay home if you or your children have any symptoms of illness.

· A separate waiver will be required that includes release of FIT4MOM from COVID related illness - Please check your email for this.

· You are encouraged to bring your own hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes to use before and after class; however, instructors will be required to have some available during class as well.

· Instructors have been directed to pack up and exit class premises immediately following class, to deter group lingering. If you opt to gather in communal areas or playgrounds after the conclusion of class, you assume all associated risks and do so independent of the recommendation and practice of FIT4MOM. Many moms will prefer to keep their children in strollers until they are at their car.