Our Team

Meet Julie Butt!

Julie became a member of Stroller Strides in October 2017 after moving to northeast Ohio from Boston, MA. At the time, her son was 1.5 years old and she was pregnant with her second child. Stroller Strides not only provided the opportunity to exercise and stay fit throughout her pregnancy, but she also gained friendship and support from an amazing group of moms during major transitions in her life - moving to a new state, becoming a stay-at-home mom and transitioning from a mommy of 1 to a mommy of two! Her son also gained a fun group of friends that he loves playing with after class!

Julie has a background in pediatric physical therapy and is a graduate of Bucknell University and University of Pittsburgh. She has a passion for fitness and running and has run 3 marathons and several half marathons. She is mommy to two boys, Samir and Zayd.

When the opportunity opened up to purchase the franchise, Julie could not pass up the chance to lead this amazing group of women. FIT4MOM has made a huge impact on the health and well-being of her family and she is committed to introducing it to as many moms as she can!


Meet Kara Jackowski!

After the birth of her children, Kara became involved with FIT4MOM and Stroller Strides which allowed her to exercise and meet other moms without sacrificing time away from her children. In 2015, she and her family relocated to Hudson, and she decided to open a territory in the area and introduce FIT4MOM to northeast Ohio. Her goal is to empower women, build community, and help local moms raise healthy families.

Kara has a background in education and is a graduate of DePaul University and Arizona State University. She is also a doula, baby nurse, and certified infant massage instructor who is committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Kara is mommy to three children, Annie, Colin, and Milo. FIT4MOM has changed all four of their lives, and she cannot wait to show you how it will change yours also!


Meet Becca Livergood!

Becca is a founding mother of the FIT4MOM Hudson, Twinsburg, and Solon franchise- she has been part of the group since the very first day of class in 2015! At the time of the FIT4MOM grand opening, her son was 3 months old and the program was everything she needed to get a workout, spend time with baby, make mommy friends, and survive the first year of being a mom. After the first class, she was hooked and Stroller Strides just became a part of the routine. The opportunity to become an instructor opened up in early 2016, and she was eager to learn more about fitness and share her love of exercise with others.

Becca has a background in education and a passion for running. She is the mommy of Logan. FIT4MOM helped her transition into motherhood and she can't wait to share this program with others.