My tips for working from home...with kids

So, your kids are home, bored, asking for snacks approximately every 5 seconds and you, momma, have SO much work to do. What now?

Hi! My name is Dawn Bobinski and I am a mom to three crazy, fun, amazing little boys named Emmett (4.5), Wyatt (3) and Bennett (6 months). I have been a work at home mom now for 4.5 years teaching high school science virtually. I completely understand the struggle and blessing of working from home with kids. I know right now you might be adjusting to a new normal as you try and navigate the work/life balance while working from home with kids. Here are a few tips:

1. Get dressed.

I know one of the perks of working from home is that you get to work in your PJs, but I promise getting dressed will help set the tone for your day

2. Create a schedule.

Aim to start work at the same time every day. Try and eat lunch at the same time you normally would. In the same respect, if you normally end your day at 4 pm, stop working at 4 pm even if you haven't quite finished everything. It can either wait until tomorrow or later in the night after your kids have gone to bed. When you always have your work right there it can be so easy to get sucked into trying to get it all done, but you and your family will thank you if you turn it off and step away.

3. Secret signal.

Have a signal for your kids if you’re working on something that requires your full attention that unless it’s an emergency, they need to wait. For me, it's my headphones. While I'm teaching a class, my kids know when my headphones are on, they shouldn't bother me unless it's absolutely necessary. When my headphones are off, I am free to talk, open snacks, etc. However, keep in mind there are times they will need you and it's inconvenient.

4. Screen time.

I promise screen time isn’t going to ruin their lives. It's a tool, use it when you need it.

5. Boredom stations.

Try and set up stations in the morning of some activities for them to do, and have them circulate as they get bored.

6. Housework.

Do NOT think just because you are home you need to clean the bathroom, do the laundry, pick up toys, etc. if you wouldn't do it normally while you are working, then again it can wait.

7. Grace.

Most importantly, give yourself some grace. This is new for you and your littles, and it will take some adjusting. Not every day will be perfect, but you are doing your best and your kids are loved and that's all that really matters. You’ve got this!