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March 2020 Mom of the Month: Maryn Nevin

Meet Maryn Nevin, our March Mom of the Month! In this series we feature a mom in our Village each month.

Tell us about your family:

I et my husband in 2011 when we were freshman at Case Western Reserve University. We got married in 2016 and had our daughter, Ellarose, in 2018. Now I’m 37 weeks along with our second child - should be coming any day now! We live in Aurora with our dog - Cora and our 2 cats - Simba and Nala.


I grew up in a small town called Goshen, Indiana - RV manufacturing capital of the world and about 45 minutes east of South Bend (aka home of Mayor Pete and Notre Dame).

Current/previous career:

I work full time for a global consulting company called Accenture. I started as a technology transformation consultant and recently transitioned into a role where I work from home managing transformation projects for our internal HR organization.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood is a contradiction. It’s feeling completely in love with a small human while also being so mad that they just dumped your coffee all over the carpet. It’s being perfectly content in the role of mom while also feeling nostalgia for the freedom I had before. I love the song “The Mother” by Brandi Carlile - I feel like she perfectly describes motherhood and I cry every time I hear it.

How did you find FIT4MOM?

I learned about FIT4MOM from Charlotte! We met randomly in line to pick up our farmshare bags - she had Charlie with her and I had Ellarose. She told me about this great exercise group of moms she was a part of and the rest is history!

What classes do you currently attend and why do you love them?

I attend the evening Stroller Strides classes Mondays and Thursdays. I love that they fit into my schedule even while working full time and I love being able to bring Ellarose. It’s more time I get to spend with her during the day and I’m proud to model healthy behaviors and teach her that taking care of our bodies can be fun!

How has FIT4MOM changed your life?

Before finding FIT4MOM, I was really missing a sense of community and hadn’t found a way of working exercise into my new routine. Now I have both and it’s amazing!

Favorite exercise:

I like anything that works arms.

What's one thing you would go back and tell yourself as a new mom?

Stop stressing. You will eventually get more than 4 hours of sleep and feel “normal” again.

Proudest Moment:

A few weeks ago, I gave Ellarose a cookie and she split it in half, handed me one piece and said “there you go mommy, I love you”. I cried inside a bit while I ate that cookie because of how generous and sweet that was coming from a two year old.

Questions for kiddos: Ellarose - 2 years old

How old is Mommy? Daddy

What’s something Mommy always says? Daddy

What is mom really good at? Daddy

What’s mom’s favorite thing to do? Daddy

What makes you proud of your mom? Daddy

We are so happy to have you as a part of our Village and can’t wait to see you continue to crush your goals