June 2020 Mom of the Month: Margi Shah

Tell us about your family: I have been married to Nirav for 6 years and we have a lovely daughter Dhyana who will turn 2 in June.

Hometown: Mumbai, India. Nirav came for his masters at Cleveland State University in 2008 and has been in the States since then and I came here after our marriage.

Current/previous career: I am a Physical therapist by profession. Currently, I am a stay at home mom and will be resuming my work soon.

What does motherhood mean to you? It’s a blessing and the most selfless job where you follow just your heart and don't seek for any rewards or appreciation in return. In Indian mythology, Mother is considered the epitome of God and I call myself lucky to be one.

How did you find FIT4MOM? During my pregnancy I was googling for prenatal classes around me and found Fit4mom and I am glad to find a beautiful and wonderful group of mamas where everyone is so welcoming with no judgement.

Proudest moment: Achieving my Physical Therapy License in the USA.

What classes do you currently attend and why do you love them? Currently, I attend Stroller Strides and Strides 360 classes. The best part of these classes is you can take your kids and workout at the same time plus you get to meet mamas and interact . Also, kids get to play after class and make new friends.

Which is your favorite exercise? PLANKS.

How has Fit4Mom changed your life? I feel energized after the class and it's not just because of the exercise but being surrounded by moms who inspire each other and positivity. This group has become a part of my life and I feel incomplete without it.

What's one thing you would go back and tell yourself as a new mom? RELAX. Follow your instincts and take as much rest as you can. Don’t hesitate if someone offers help and most importantly, “Be Happy”.

Questions for kiddos:

How old is Mommy? 2

What’s something Mommy always says? Dhyana

What is mom really good at? I love you so much

What’s mom’s favorite thing to do? No

What makes you proud of your mom? Love you

Margi, we are so happy to have you as a part of our Village and can’t wait to see you continue to crush your goals!