Body Back: How I found fitness, self-confidence, and healing

My name is Caitlin Lagnese, and I am wife to Mike and mother to Josie (6) and Matthew (3). I joined the FIT4MOM Hudson, Twinsburg & Solon community in the fall of 2019; it was nothing short of fate. For years prior I was secretly dealing with depression and PTSD stemming from a sexual assault. After two years of therapy and medical treatment, my therapist, pleased with my progress, suggested it was time to focus on incorporating fitness into my life. Oddly enough, one week later I met Emma Kennell (FIT4MOM HTS Body Back coach) while shopping with a friend at her store, Carnaby Street Style. While we were checking out, I was talking about how I wanted to get into shape but needed accountability. Well, low and behold, Emma told me about Body Back. At first I laughed, thinking there was no way I could do 50 minutes of HIIT; however, as the days went by I kept thinking back to my conversation with Emma. I took a total leap of faith and did the unthinkable - I signed up for the Fall 8-week session of Body Back. I can still see the look of disbelief on my hubby’s face.

I was very reserved and unsure during the first few classes; however, it didn’t take long for me to fall absolutely in love with Body Back and all of the mamas in it. Suddenly I enjoyed working out and realized that not only Body Back, but the entire FIT4MOM HTS crew was destined to be a part of my journey!

I just finished my second session of Body Back, and I'm looking forward to the Spring session! I’m taking a few Stroller Strides classes, which are a total blast. I have also decided to really challenge myself by joining FIT4MOM HTS's Run Club+, training for the Akron Half Marathon. This is all coming from the girl who hated working out, loathed sweating and if I’m being really honest, had so much shame surrounding her body that she didn’t think she would ever gain back her self confidence. Everyone in this village has made me feel welcomed and loved. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Emma has been unbelievably patient working with me while pushing me out of my comfort zone. Body Back is so much more than a workout; it is a safe place to learn, heal, grow, and, of course, sweat. I thought I was “cured” once my emotional wounds had closed, but I came to learn that I needed to heal physically as well - I needed to get my body back (pun intended)! Thanks to these amazing ladies I am empowered through fitness and friendship, becoming a better mom, wife, and person each day.