April 2020 Mom of the Month: Charlotte Beers Plank

Meet Charlotte Beers Plank, our April Mom of the Month! In this series we feature a mom in our Village each month.

Tell us about your family: I have been married to Aidan almost seven years, together for over 10! We have our sweet Charlie, who is 2.5, turning 3 this summer. We also have a snow-white cat, Lily, who is 6.5.

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut. I moved to Ohio in 2006 to attend Oberlin College & Conservatory, and never left! We moved out to the East side of Cleveland in late 2015, and moved to Twinsburg in 2017.

Current/previous career: I am currently working as the Associate Director of Music & Organist at First Congregational Church in Hudson (UCC). I’ve been there since the fall of 2015, but I’ve slowly gained more responsibilities as the years have gone by. I’m so grateful for the music I am able to make there, the choirs I direct, and the children I’m able to teach. I also teach piano lessons, ages 5 and up - my oldest student is 77! I am also a degreed librarian (MLIS) - someday I’ll get back to that!

What does motherhood mean to you? It is the hardest and most rewarding job I’ll ever have. I am so incredibly in love with my son, but he challenges me in so many ways! I am a better person because of him, for sure.

How did you find FIT4MOM? I found FIT4MOM through my friend Kate! She knew I was struggling to find an exercise routine, and I still wanted to spend time with my son. I thought I’d go once and hate it…… here I am more than a year later, all in! I am so glad she suggested Stroller Strides to me.

What classes do you currently attend and why do you love them? I usually attend 2-3 Stroller Strides classes throughout the week, and I am doing Body Back for the first time this session! I am also training for a half marathon, so I’m doing Run Club+, but the virtual option. Thankful for all of the support this spring as I prepare for my race.

How has FIT4MOM changed your life? I have found what I hope will be life-long friendships for both myself and my son, community, support, and a great reason to exercise. I am in much better shape than I have been in a long time, but with people I also love and want to be around! My whole family is better off from finding this group.

Favorite exercise: I like the running transitions in classes - I enjoy the cardio - and I like the arms workouts we do.

What's one thing you would go back and tell yourself as a new mom? Trust your gut! I didn’t find the right balance between work and home for about a year, and I’m still adjusting. I won’t get any of this time back, and I am trying my best to enjoy the time I have with my son while he’s young!

Proudest Moment: I don’t know if I have one single moment, but I definitely feel proud for surviving a rough bout of postpartum depression and anxiety. I also felt so proud of my son Charlie when he really started talking, and FINALLY calling me something other than “Teh”. Now he is talking nonstop!

Questions for kiddos: Charlie, 2

How old is Mommy? Charlie

What’s something Mommy always says? Aidan

What is mom really good at? Charlotte

What’s mom’s favorite thing to do? huh?

What makes you proud of your mom? Huh?

We are so happy to have you as a part of our Village and can’t wait to see you continue to crush your goals!